Sorin Liviu Ştefănescu, Mihail Dumitru, Monica Dumitraşcu, Andrei George Vrînceanu


An EU HORIZON 2020 project including partners from 17 Member States is currently seeking to establish and promote the adoption of a strategic research agenda for land use, land-use changes and soil management in the light of current and future societal challenges. The paper presents part of the outcomes of a National Workshop held within the frame of the project in Romania, the results of a questionnaire and interviews based study held with the Romanian key stakeholders and a desk exercise performed by the project National Focal Point established in Romania. The three areas of issues discussed during the National Workshop were connected with the main (“top three”) societal challenges and options, as perceived by the respondents to the questionnaire. Finally, three related important topics/research needs were selected, prioritized and accordingly submitted for the Project Consolidated Report. The Romanian topics relate with the need for more practical tools for farmers regarding soil and water management environmentally oriented practices, organic farming and the need to maintain and improve soil fertility under the increased demand of higher yields and increased rates of nutrients export. The Romanian key stakeholders emphasized the importance of issuing an EU Soil Directive to back a comprehensive research agenda on soil-sediment-water system.

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