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This system of soiI geographic entities classification (or of classification of soil regionalization units) is based on the concept that all the landscapes for soilscapes) units (or physiographic units/ irrespective of the ir size and heterogeneity, al the Earth surface. are the result of the combined actions both of cosmic (exogenous) and earthly(endogenous) factors.
For the systematization of these soil geographic (physiographic) entities. the following hierarchical categories are proposed:
thermal zone, hydrothermal subzone and soil domain as highest categories (resulted from exogenous factors influence);
soil (macro, mezo, micro) regions (level, sloping, steep) as intermediate categories (resulted from geological-geomorphic factors influence superposed over the preceding one): elementary soilscape (pediom), soil combination (pedosociation) and pedounit (polypedon) as lowest categories (resulted from the influence of environmental conditions in a relatively homogenous small geological-geomorphic unit (area), locally modified by the position in the landform and kind of parent material.
The criteria employed for defining these hierarchical categories are based on proper soil features. The thermal zones are defined by soil temperature regime class according to the U.S. Soil Taxonomy and intensity of solar radiation, and hydrothermal subzones by the annual pedorhythms with the ir periods of interruption or slowing down due to soil freezing or drying during the year.
Soil regions are defined by quantitative parameters of the major forms of relief that represent also quantitative parametres of soil cover (influencing water and substance circulation, soil-regimes. microclimate, vegetation). The other categories are defined also by proper soil properties. For each category, correlations with climatic and geomorphic factors are presented.
The introduction of the soil temperature and moisture regimes as criteria for soil geographic entities grouping (classification) could solve the problem of the implementation of) "soil climate" parametres in soil classification (taxonomy).

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.15551/fppzt.v1i1.408


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